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All Fantasy and Science Fiction writing, occasional sketches if I feel they are good enough to post. I am not an artist so I am not looking for opinions (negative or positive) on style and quality of any sketches I post.(Unless I specifically ask for it)
I am, however, a hobbiest writer! I love opinions on my writings, be they good, bad, or net-neutral.

(Don't be fooled by the majority of my deviations being photos! I posted them to use as reference of Beanstalk's setting, for me and for you. because I can't draw!)

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Attack on Titan - Erwin Smith by Vrihedd
by Vrihedd

This is my first critique, and I myself am not an artist, but here I go. This image clearly communicates the themes of loss, acceptance...




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Happy Holidays!
It's Passover, the biggest, most important Jewish holiday during which we remember the story of when the hebrews were slaves in Egypt, partly by telling the story, partly by emulating the events, like not having time to let bread rise. So we eat unleven bread, and it's gross. 

I got to spend the first night with my cousins and it was wonderful. Also 70+ year old woman who was a computational scientist. I made a tumblr post about it
My one regret is that this year is the first passover i do not get to have my Uncle's Famous Chicken Soup. It is LITERALLY the best chicken soup in the world. it's not a traditional recipe, or one his mother used to make. No. It's one he spent years developing to find the right mix of chicken, greens, and spices (most importantly a special spice he gets from Israel every time he goes) to make the most rich, filling, taste sensation of soup you will ever experience. Forget about brisket, this soup is the main course. 
It's also so yellow that it will stain anything it gets on. 

As you see I got chapter 10 up, YAY! It's sort of obvious what the next chapter is about and I have a lot of research ahead of me to write it. 

Once again, I put a four page GT comic in my which I can't put on dA. I put there for tp32 but I recommend it to everyone LINK-> The Meaning of Life it's really cool. 

In other news my friend made an Angels in America/Captain America TWS AU and it nearly killed me reading it. first one (just the first one listed is the AU) and the second one
She replaced Prior with Bucky and Louis with Steve and Belize with Natasha and OMG NO NO NO I cannot take it I cannot take it. 
Steve would never, ever, ever, EVER be as insensitive or as much as a jerk as Louis, and leave Bucky/Prior to freaking die. 
I need to ask who she would cast as Roy... 
EDIT: I asked her. She eventually concludes Howard Stark because he would deliver the speeches the best. (there really is no one that fits Roy, but just getting someone who can deliver his lines is a good step)
In the tags she says Steve could be Joe, but she already used Steve as Louis plus she doesn't like Joe and frankly neither do I. To quote her (pardon any future french) "F*ck Joe Pitt up the *ss with a ten foot pole", and she would never say that about Steve. 

That's all for now! 


Tuiteyfruity's Profile Picture
Tuitey Fruity
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hi! my name is TuiteyFruity, like the jelly bean flavor Tutti Frutti! (I hate that flavor though...)

I write fantasy and science fiction adventure stories with giant humanoid races living alongside humans (also known as the sub-genre of Giant/Tiny)

Higher Ground is my main project, it is my original Young Adult's Fantasy Adventure novel. I am not an artist, but if a doodle or concept character drawing looks decent enough I will post it.

About me:

I am a nerdy/geeky woman who loves Science Fiction and Fantasy, from classic to new stuff.
I Volunteer at my local space and science center and am a proud member of the Astronomy Team
I love to sing! I am in a choir and we have sang in Carnegie Hall in NYC.

ID is Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius (c) Phil and Kaja Phoglio :icongirlgeniuscomic: from this page…
Girl Genius is a steampunk/gas lamp fantasy webcomic. So if any of you love Adventure, Romance and Mad Science, it is the story for you!

I have a tumblr. I mostly post and re-blog nerdy/cool/funny stuff.

I have a gmail for my online self! email me at

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